At the first time I write a post in january 2014. Now, I want to say Happy New year and happy birth day “for myself exactly” hehee..

And now we back to a bright day, yeyeee.. smile, smile, smile.. 🙂 🙂 🙂  (“doesn’t important”)

However I wanna share about how I make a website, …now I already have a website, I built it by myself, from php, css, and other support. Just for study and trying new experience. I have make a hostname from a free website hosting. It makes me crazy how I can make it, but I just make it, just try and try. Ok, well. lets begin the tutorial:

  1. First I make a domain name, check if domain is available. see your email, wait until the domain is already active. if it has been active you can see the ip server,ip address, domain name, and bla blaa blaa..
  2. Second, you can create your database in databaseMSQL
  3. Next you can upload your folder website in public_html. Before you upload website folder as zip, make sure that file config, file database configuration and other has match with the database and requirement.
  4. Now wait until 24-48 hours, it’s called propagate.

Don’t forget to install filezilla on your computer

  • Install : sudo apt-get install filezilla
  • See : apt-cache search filezilla
  • Details : cat /etc/lsb-release



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